It’s probably fair to say that Melanie ‘Mel’ Bush isn’t about to top any ‘Top 10’ Companion lists any time soon, which is a shame, because despite all the hate that seems to have been directed her way ever since she first stepped into the Tardis, I don’t think Mel is actually that bad.

What she is IMO, is a massive Missed Opportunity’.

Mel was a bossy, fitness freak, computer programmer, all standard fare for your average Who companion of the 80’s, however what sets Mel apart from Tegan and Peri is the fact that the 6th Doctor met her out of the order of his own time line.

Mel was already travelling with The Doctor before the first time he met her, during the massive season arc ‘Trial of a Timelord’.

Mel was brought out of her own later time steam to testify against The Doctor in his much earlier one.

If none of what I’ve just written makes much sense, that’s fine, it doesn’t make any more during the episode, it’s a great concept, but little is made of it during the series, past being an inventive way of shoehorning in a new companion.

That’s really the problem with Mel, she’s a one note character, written poorly, played by a good actress, who just has too much baggage.

What are Mel’s plus points- well she does have awesome Space Hair, and a wardrobe that is so 1980s it’s actually amazing.

six bonnie

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