Jamie McCrimmon is one of The Doctor’s longest serving and suffering companions of all time.

A highlander from the 18th century, Jamie was picked up by The Doctor during the battle of Culloden.

The Donna Noble of OldWho, Jamie was a much loved companion, who had his mind wiped by the Timelords just before the 2nd Doctor’s forced regeneration.

Doomed only to remember his first encounter with The Doctor, Jamie was dumped back into 18th century Scotland.

If you’re not familiar with Jamie he’s one of those companions I encourage you to seek out because he’d just GREAT.

Jamie Victoria big

The Waterproof.

The only reason I think Jamie was wearing such a snazzy waterproof is so the actor didn’t freeze to death on location.

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The Shirt.

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The Kilt.

Jamie’s kilt appears to be red with black and hints of green, at least it looks that way to me.

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The Accessories.

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