The Fires of Pompeii is a notable episode, not only because it features an actor who will go on to play a future version of The Doctor, but because the 10th incarnation of The Doctor’s travelling companion, the wonderful Donna Noble forces him to change history, if only in a small way, with this epic speech, which can be found here.

In this episode Donna fully embraces the Roman way of life, going so far as to dress like a Roman Woman.

I’ve put together some ideas on how we can all emulate Donna’s amazing look.


Before I go any further I just want to say how hard this style of dress was for me to find, while the shape the classic Empire Line was easily available in every colour but various shades of purple.


The Alternatives.

shopping (4)Bagged Over Racer Back Maxi Dress 12.00

A brighter shade of purple with sleeves.

shoppingWomen Plus Size Dresses Long Sleeves Maxi Dress- DressLily 18.64

shopping (3)Belted Maxi Dress-Bonprix 22.99


shopping (2)PURPLE 4XL Maxi Dresses Backless Empire Waist Evening Dress-Dezzal 62.50


Budget busting and form fitting.

shopping (1)Female HotSquash Grecian Maxi Dress in Clever Fabric-House of Fraser 159.20



Donna’s dress has gold embellishments around the neck and waist, however if you don’t want dust off the old needle and thread, there’s are some ways you can achieve the same look.

Why not belt up?

shopping (6)Gold Chain Waist 7.00

 shopping (5)Women Vintage Skinny Elastic Belt Clasp Waist Belt Cinch Band Gold-2.33


Don’t forget the gladiator sandals.

shopping (2)Leather gladiator sandals leather-Mango 35.99

shopping (1)Lumy™ Leather Gladiator Sandals-95.00

Donna finishes off her look with a black pearl drop necklace.

shopping (3)Tahitian South Sea Pearl Devon Pendant-199.99