The Bell’s of Saint John is Clara-Prime Oswald’s first official adventure with the 11th Doctor.

I am at some point going to focus on the rest of her outfit, but until then here are some ideas on how you can Steal Her Aztec Bird Necklace style.


tumblr_mnc2nu9czp1sorarpo1_500-1Clara’s necklace was available from Urban Outfitter’s, however it is now out of stock, but I have added a link to the site in case that changes at any point-Aztec Bird Necklace.

Here of course are some alternatives…

il_570xn-596739094_582pClara Oswald mini Aztec necklace replica- Etsy The Woman Twice Dead

il_570xn-1089608316_o0fqGold Aztec Eagle and Teal Necklace-Etsy Some Kind of Pretty 15.05

09fc0331c392ffd1c88cf6ff15fd916aThe Bird Necklace-The Hunt