Victoria Waterfield was a companion of The 2nd Doctor.

Victoria’s stand out features were the fact that she was from the Victorian era, along with Jamie, she was one of The Doctor’s few companions from the past.

Confused about the etiquette of future living and constantly screaming at some fresh new horror, Victoria was a much more vintage companion, in the most vintage of ways.

Personally, I think it would be nice to see another companion in the mould of Victoria, not the screaming of course, but a companion who isn’t from the contempary era.

Any hoo…

Here are some pointers on how you can steal Victoria’s delightful vintage inspired look.

The Jacket.


shoppingEpsom Jacket-Country and Stable 97.46

shoppingPolo Ralph Lauren Tweed Hacking Jacket-Psyche 149.99

The Shirt.

Full on Victoriana frills and lace.

shoppingVictoriana ruffled long sleeve shirt-Wish 12.00

shoppingSmocked Blouse MADEMOISELLE R-LeRedoute 23.40

tWomens Jacquard Ruffle Shirt Ivory-Topshop 39.99


The Trousers.

shoppingLuis Trenker Corduroy Knickerbockers-199

shoppingLaksen Melville Ladies CTX Tweed Shooting Breeks-Farlows 125.40

Finish with high socks and sturdy Victorian/Steampunk style boots.