Peri Brown was one of The Doctor’s more unlucky companions with her fate at the end of her run either being married to a shouty War Lord or DEAD.

At least the one highlight of her tenure aboard the TARDIS were her fashions, it’s no understatement to say Peri brought THE BRIGHT in almost everything she wore.

I have tried to imagine what a 2017 version of Peri might look like, keeping to her style principles of colour and bold patterns.

So here’s my version of Peri Brown 2017.


Peri was a big fan of the bodysuit, usually in pale blue or bright pink, here are some modern alternatives.

media-newlookassets-comShell Pink Colour Block Wrap Bodysuit-New Look 19.99

tkLong Sleeve Rib Bodysuit-Topshop 22.00

5580503420_1_1_1Oriental Print Bodysuit-Zara 25.00

peri_brownOut From Under Sweetheart Bodysuit-Urban Outfitters 36.00


A staple of Peri’s wardrobe.

hmprodCotton Shorts-H&M 14.99

823000_mainCoral Pink High Waisted Shorts-River Island 15.00

lady-christinaPlain Flippy Shorts-Topshop 26.00

700559_mainLight Pink Smart High Waisted Shorts-River Island 28.00



In her last two adventures with the 6th Doctor Peri got to wear trousers.

shoppingYellow Tie Waist Tapered Trousers-New Look 8.00

indexBlue Slim Leg Trouser-New Look 19.99

peri_brownEyelet Front Peg Trousers-Topshop 35.00

rsaah300_redThe Disco Pant- American Apparel 85.00

Bold Prints and Bright Statements.

Nothing is too bright, too tight or too bonkers for our Peri.

5580505403_2_1_1Striped Bodysuit with front knot- Zara 29.99

2215607630_1_1_1High Neck Top-Zara 29.99

5113314446667_066_bBDG Palm Tree Cropped Pink Sweatshirt-Urban Outfitters

yb000259_black_1Wide Leg Crop Trousers-Yumi 45.00

5112439788432_102_bLight Before Dark Liquid T-shirt-Urban Outfitters 28.00