I don’t know anything about Bill, but already I feel like I might just love her, in the fashion stakes at least.

As I’ve mentioned before, I love how her style is so different to the previous companions, much more practical than Amy’s (all those short denim skirts) and less grown-up than Clara’s.

Unfortunately, Bill’s Red Colour Block Ski Jumper has already sold out, but here is the link to the Urban Outfitters site in case it becomes available again.

The Alternatives.

Urban Outfitters.

tjA little more black than red.

Navy Colour Block Ski Jumper-36.00

tjStriped Sleeve Red Jumper-32.00

tjWith hints of pink.

Ribbed Pink Colour Block Jumper-29.99

tjMore stripes than ski.

Mixed Red Stripe Long Sleeve Crop Top-26.00