Before I begin I must confess that until December 2016 I had no idea who Zoe Heriot was, I was first introduced to her character via the amazing War Games Saga-I highly recommend it as a must see Doctor Who episode, for anyone who hasn’t discovered it yet.

While Zoe may not be a ‘modern’ companion in every sense, she screams quite a fair bit, The Doctor regards her as a brilliant protégé, and she’s also pretty handy with the old self defence moves.

I don’t just like Zoe because of the reasons listed above, I also adore her wardrobe, which is retro futuristic-see previous The Mind Robber blog.

In this adventure with The Doctor Zoe goes all out 1960s fashionista-and I LOVE IT…

So without further ado, here’s how you can steal Zoe’s amazing look.


piPinafore Dress R édition-LaRedoute 20.00

pinZelma Camel Cord Pinafore Dress-MissyEmpire 20.00

pinaMod dress pinafore orange a line dress scooter 1960’s-Swingingchicksshop Etsy 49.26


Zoe’s white top has embroidered detail on the sleeves.

new2Boho floral top-New Look 22.00

shoppingWhite lapel long sleeved shirt-Withchic 22.00

newWhite floral embroidered shirt-New Look 24.99

topshopWomens Ladybird Floral Embroidered Shirt-Topshop 32.00

Orange Tights.

indexJonathan Aston 15 Denier Colour Palette Tights Colour: Orange-Tights,Tights,Tights 4.99

The Footwear.

debWomens Miss KG Orange ‘delina’ Flat Sandal-Debenhams 15.00

shoppingMichael Kors Loafers & Slippers – Sutton Moccasin Suede Orange – in orange – Loafers & Slippers for ladies-Fashionette 110.00

And to finish at one maribou boa.