Ace is my favourite Old Who Companion, no I’ll go further than that, Ace is actually my favourite companion.

Gutsy, brave and always ready with her handy explosives, Ace was basically everything I wanted to be when I started watching the repeats of the show, at the tender age of 4.

Just like Donna, I could go on all day about how amazing Ace is, and although I’d love to, I’m not going to, if you don’t know her already, I encourage you to watch at least some- NO ALL of the episodes featuring Ace and the 7th Doctor, they are a weird and wonderful duo.

Enough of the conversion lets look at the fashion.

Ace is a teenager from the late eighties, so most of her clothes border that late eighties/early nineties fashion aesthetic, which just happens to be back in fashion at the moment.


The top Ace is wearing in this episode was the hardest thing for me to find, but I have tried my best and here are some alternatives I have found.

newlooktopBurgundy Ribbed V neck top- New Look 7.99

newlookttt.jpegBurgundy Long Sleeve Bodysuit- New Look 12.00

wearallvneck.jpegErin V neck 12.00


The Trousers.

RORIGINALSTROUSERS.jpegBlack Jersey Hareem Trousers- Roman 22.00

asosfrontwrapharem.jpegWrap Front Drop Crotch Harem Trousers- ASOS 25.00


Ace’s key item of clothing is her iconic Bomber Jacket.

stadjacketDressy Loose Fitting Bomber Jacket- Stradivarius 9.99

boohoojacket.jpegLILLIE MA1 Bomber Jacket- 10.00

dp.jpegThe Ultimate Bomber Jacket Black- Dorothy Perkins 15.30

missselfridgejacket.jpegBlack Longline Bomber Jacket- Miss Selfridge 20.00

mango-jacketZipped Bomber Black- Mango 29.99

Ace is wearing an old school tie as a belt.

stipetyebelt.jpegSoprano Navy, Red and White Tie-Ties Online 19.95


And finally if you can’t face going the whole hog and decorating your bomber like Ace’s, but you still want to have some of her flare, the Blue Peter badge is the one badge to get.

bluepeterbadge.jpegEbay 9.99