Zoe Heriot was a teenage, astrophysicist genius, who the 2nd incarnation of The Doctor met, while she was living on a Space Wheel in a hyper futuristic version of the 21st Century.

Phew…yep that all really happened.

Although The Doctor had, had companions travelling with him from the past Jamie McCrimmon- a 17th century Highlander and Victoria Wakefield- a 19th century lady, Zoe was the first of The Doctor’s companions to come from the future.

Hailing from the future Zoe brought her own particular aesthetic, and this particular look might be hard to pull off in every day life, it would look great to wear during an evening out.

Who wouldn’t want to go clubbing dressed as Zoe Heriot…


The Jumpsuit.

missselfridgePetite Glitter Jumpsuit- Miss Selfridge 14.00

oasisjumpsuitOasis Cold Shoulder Sparkle Jumpsuit- 15.00

quizblackglitterjumpsuit.jpegQuiz black glitter texture jumpsuit- House of Fraser 29.99

topshopgoldzoe.jpegGold and silver Catsuit by Jaded London- Topshop 85.00


Leather ankle boots.

newlookboots60’s Block Heel Boots New Look- ASOS 19.50

houseoboKG Snooze zip up ankle boots- House of Fraser 39.00

top.jpegHAWK Croc Boots- Topshop 89.00


Not exactly the same, but with a really Zoe vibe.

studded.jpegStudded Boot- Topshop 125.00