It feels like a lifetime ago since we were first given a glimpse of the new companion Bill Potts.

I know so little about Bill, that I’m not even sure Potts is her surname.

We got to see more of Bill when the trailer for Series 10 dropped at the end of the 2016 Christmas Special.

So, what gaps were filled in?

Well, on the little information supplied Bill appears to share some similarities with my favourite NuWho companion Donna Nobel, she also seems to have inherited some of the youthful style of my favourite OldWho companion Ace, oh and she has the same affinity with chips that Rose Tyler had.

Bill is either a dinner lady, or a student, whose last name may or may not be Potts.

What do her fashion choices tell us about her character, and how can you steal her style.

For this I am going to be specifically looking at the outfit Bill wears during her My Friend from The Future introduction.


The Jacket.

I found Bill’s exact jacket with a lot of help from the Tumblr account Bill’s Style.

jacket.jpgMOTO Acid Oversized Jacket- Topshop 5.00


The Top.

Bill’s top is a vintage t-shirt with Prince’s face printed on it, it’s very hard to find, however I have found a site that stocks a male version of the t-shirt.

gptrx1000frontblack-c220210245320-bgffffff-u1Prince Graphic t-shirt- Redbubble 20.00


The Jeans.

tumblr_o656iabfz01vscneno2_400MOTO washed rip Joni Jeans- Topshop 38.00

The Shoes.

Shoes are not really my thing, I mean I own shoes, everybody owns at least one pair of shoes, but I don’t fall in love with them-however I really like Bill’s Vans.

billshoes.pngVans SK8 Hi Slim Gossamer Green- Office 25.00

The Rest of Bill’s Look.

The Badges.


I can’t find the exact badges Bill wears on her jacket, however I have a feeling she might be a fan of Tatty Devine.



So, what has Bill’s style told us if anything about her character.

She’s FUN.

A real sense of fun screams out through Bill’s clothes.

She’s practical, jeans and trainers are a good move when you’re travelling with The Doctor.

Bill also appears to be younger than The Doctor’s last companion Clara Oswald, her style lacks Clara’s sophistication, but that’s no bad thing, just different.