Amelia Pond- time traveller, mother, writer, pirate, wife, model, but she’s probably best known to fans as The Girl Who Waited.

Amy packed a lot into her travels with the 11th incarnation of The Doctor, spending almost ten years travelling through space and time with him, and her own loyal companion/husband Mr Pond- Rory Williams.

Dinosaurs on a Spaceship is the 2nd Episode of the 8th Series of NuWho, and the last series to feature Amy Pond and her husband Rory Williams as companions.

In this last series we see just how far Amy has come, from little girl lost afraid of the crack in her bedroom wall, to The Doctor’s right hand woman.

Dinosaurs on a Spaceship finds Amy, The Doctor, Rory, Rory’s Dad Brian, Queen Nefertiti and Edwardian big game hunter John Riddell fighting to save a spaceship full of dinosaurs- it’s actually not as much fun as it sounds, but this isn’t a review of the episode, it’s a chance to steal Amy Pond’s amazing style.

Before I begin, let me just say that this is my absolute favourite outfit for Amy.

Practical and timelessly stylish, this look perfectly suits the grown up woman Amy has become IMO.


The Jumper.

Here is a link to the actual jumper Amy wears in the episode, however it is currently out of stock, so I have also provided some alternatives.

index.jpegReiss Chloe Stripe Ultra Marine cotton Pointelle jumper- 120.00

And the alternative versions.

cheap.jpegDash Linen Stripe Jumper- House of Fraser 13.60

shopping.jpegStripe Cable Knit- Oasis 18.00

countrystripe.jpegArmor Lux Women’s Classic Breton Top Blue/White- Country Attire 34.46

expensive.jpegJoseph Sailor Striped Cashmere 345.00

The Jeans.


jeansnePetite Navy Skinny Jeans- New Look 7.99

afjeansCurves Navy Skinny Jeans- New Look 12.00

tu.jpegNavy Mid Wash Skinny Jeans- Tu clothing at Sainsbury’s 14.00

leeLee SCARLET HIGH skinny fit jeans- Zalando 67.49

The Shoes.

SHOESWITHFLOW.jpegDolcis Tan ‘Casey’ brogues- Debenhams 22.40

shoesasosMayhem Brogues- ASOS 25.00


To finish the nailvarnish.

opi.jpegO.P.I No Room For The Blues- PURA 7.50

nailsincNails Inc Portobello Terrace Bright Gel Effect-Just My Look 13.99