Sarah Jane Smith was the plucky, young 20th century journalist who joined The Doctor on his travels through time, space and the 1970’s.

Fondly remembered by fans, Sarah Jane was intelligent and scrappy, with an idiosyncratic sense of style, which matched even The Doctor’s more zany sartorial choices.

Genesis of the Daleks takes place during the 12th Series of Doctor Who, and finds The Doctor, Sarah Jane, and Harry Sullivan transported to Skaro by the Time Lords, to avert the Dalek race from becoming the ultimate destructive force in the Universe.

GotD is a dark, and atmospheric story, which deals with the subjects of conscience and facism.

I highly advice a watch, if you haven’t already seen it.

But enough of that, lets take a look at Sarah Jane’s and how you can copy it.

Sarah Jane has two outfit choices in GotD so here is the first, well the coat and hat anyway.

sarahjaneopeningWhen we first see Sarah Jane she’s just been dropped into a war zone along with The Doctor and Harry.

Wearing a bright yellow waterproof jacket in the middle of an alien battlefield probably isn’t the best idea, but it certainly looks good.

Here are some handy links to help you steal Sarah Jane’s nautical style.

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Sarah Jane has quite wisely decided to cover up her head with a grey woollen fisherman beanie hat, styles featured may vary, but you get the overall idea.

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